reCLAIM Your Power

  • Are you Sick and Tired of Feeling Like Everyone Knows What You Should or Shouldn’t Do, but You?

  • Have you tried saying NO to others, but then feel guilty and selfish for doing so?

  • Do you constantly beat yourself up because you feel like you have failed those you love?

There IS a better way …

… and the best part is you CAN say YES to yourself and meet your own needs while still being able to help and give to others!

You’re invited to a special reCLAIM Your Life Strategy Session! (Scroll down for request form)

In this reCLAIM Your Power Strategy Session We Will:

  • Identify what a peaceful and happy life will look like for you personally - a future where you confidently stand in your power. And how you can achieve it!
  • Identify your personal challenges that are keeping you from setting and maintaining the boundaries necessary for you to be in your power. And   what you can do to blast through them!
  • Identify a personal 3-Step plan for you to gain clarity, confidence and courage for you begin to find and claim your power!

To request a session, please fill out the form below completely - any applications with missing information will not be considered.

  • Within 48 hours, I will respond with more details and if applicable, information on how to schedule your session.
  • All responses in this survey are kept private and will only be seen by me.
  • I’m Looking forward to speaking with you!

Your Name

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What is your biggest goal when it comes to reclaiming your power?
(to feel good when saying no to others, to establish and maintain boundaries, to feel more at peace despite the chaos, to feel in control when speaking to your ex, to feel in control when you start dating again, to feel confident in pursuing your career goals, etc)

How long have you been struggling with this/these issues?

What solutions have you tried in dealing with these issues? What has worked? What hasn't worked?

What is it costing you in other areas of your life because you are unable to stand in your power?
(health, career, social life, finances, relationships with family, friends, co-workers etc.)

On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 being the least and 10 being Hell Yes) how important is it for you to CLAIM your power, and be in the drivers seat of your life?

Why are you ready to do what it takes to take back your power and be in control of your life? What is it about now that makes this the right time?