Starting a New Life

You are staring a new life. It may or may not have been your idea. You may feel that you don’t know who you are and are unsure of who you want to be. You have some glimpses of what you want your new life to be like, but often times it may become overshadowed by the pain of your divorce. You are afraid of the future - of the unknown, because you know for certain, that it will not look nothing like what you had once believed.

You are not alone. There is hope. With support and the right mindset, you will be happy in life again. Jan Brock has written several poems of hope, encouragement and inspiration. “Starting a New Life” is a mixture of her shedding the old and looking to the future. Enjoy!

Starting a new life,
Letting go of all in my past,
Only memories left,
Of a marriage that didn’t last.
Starting a new life,
Moving on now from the old,
And the heartache it brought,
From a man who’s love had gone cold.
Starting a new life,
Giving up on all that I knew,
All the insecurities,
Of a man who was deceitful and untrue.
Starting a new life,
Shedding a fake and feeble disguise,
Facing the reality,
And escaping all the unfaithfulness and lies.
Starting a new life,
Finding a freedom I never had,
A new future beckons,
And I’ll try to make something good from the bad.
Starting a new life,
Looking forward to a new day,
A different direction,
And hopefully happiness will come my way…

{©2006 Jan Brooks}

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